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Fresh Living Room

Vice President of

Sales and Recruiting, Large Statewide Resale Brokerage 

"Despite the high expectations of our builder/realtor community, McDonnell manages to exceed expectations time and again by providing competitive turn time on title work, flexible and convenient scheduling for closings, mobile attorneys for remote closings, and a team that truly knows the real meaning of customer service." 

Bridge Inside


Multi-City Home Builder 

"As a Soldier, I knew my success was based on the success of others.  Ed knows it, and that’s why he and his partners are a huge part of all our teams."

Unlocking the Door


Multi-State Resale Brokerage

"It’s refreshing to know that you have a great partner on the closing side of the business as this is the last part of the process that the customer sees and we need it to be a memorable experience that is positive. To date, we have closed over 900 transactions with McDonnell and I can say that our leadership team did not
lose any sleep worrying about the closing experience our clients were receiving."

Residential District

City Manager,

National Home Builder

"I've had the honor of working with Ed and his team for many years.  We have closed thousands of real estate transactions in multiple states.  They are committed to their team and their clients.  It has been a privilege to know these brilliant and dedicated professionals."

Couple and Builder

CEO, Multi-City Home Builder

"After seeing Ed’s commitment and integrity, I began to use his services as a closing attorney for my company. Having been in the building business for over 27 years, I have used a number of firms; however, Ed’s firm is by far the most organized, courteous, and well-run organization I have ever dealt with."

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