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"I'm McDonnell, your AI-Powered Virtual Closing Assistant, and if I can say so myself, I'm smart, resourceful, and always eager to help!"

- McDonnell Bot

McDonnell Bot.png

McDonnell saves Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers time by providing real-time information concerning their closing during the entire closing process. Answering questions via SMS Text or Web Chat. Delivers fast answers easily from your cell phone to his. You can send or request documents and enjoy instant responses via a secure channel. With a few pieces of information from you, he can leverage your closing system to generate buyer / seller closing cost estimates. The process of processing a new file is expedited by McDonnell, allowing you to submit information needed to open a new file and let McDonnell get the ball rolling. 


Meet McDonnell

smart & trainable

Graduated top of his Virtual Assistant class. Ready to learn and answer questions 100% your way.

Fast & accurate

Provides fast and accurate answers to file based or general questions via Chat or Text.

motivated 24/7

Works day and night - never gets tired - never needs a break - always available.

proactive & mobile

Can send or receive SMS texts, enabling proactive requests for information.

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