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Buyer Information Form 

Please fill out your information request sheet, attach your contract, and send it to 

First Name 

Last Name 

Additional Optional Party 

*If you with for an additional party or parties to be added as a title owner, please provide the full name of each additional party below

Closing Date 

Middle Name 

Property Address 

Closing Time 

Purchase Price 

Deposit Amount $

Contact # (include area code) 

Email Address 

Closing Location 


Buyer's Agent Name 

Realty Company 

Phone # (include area code) 

Fax # (include area code) 


Commission %


Lender Contact Info 

Loan Amount $ 

Phone # 


If the buyer(s) would like to obtain a survey of the property as part of the transaction, we can facilitate the buyer’s contracting with a surveying company for a survey.  Our office does not provide surveying services.  Any agreement to obtain a survey is between the buyer and the surveyor.  If you wish for us to contact a surveyor for you, you must select the “Yes” option below.  Obtaining a survey can take from several days to a couple weeks.  Please let our office know ASAP if you wish to obtain a survey.


Buyer is Married/Unmarried/Seperated/Divorced

Will the Buyer attend the closing? (Yes/No) 

Spouse's Name 

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