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Going Green, Going Digital

McDonnell and Associates has been a long-time advocate for innovation in the workplace. At the inception of the firm, we utilized technologies and mobile closing attorneys to transform the closing process by allowing the firm to meet the modern day needs of scheduling, flexibility, and convenience. The McDonnell and Associates brand centers around finding innovative solutions for our clients and team members. The “Going Green Initiative” allows us to take this continued pursuit of innovation and excellence one step further.

Using software including OpsInsights, INX, and Pavaso, McDonnell is committed to utilizing technology to give us the industry advantage and most streamlined process in the closing experience.

April 2, 2018 will begin the launch of a series of strategies, software, and agenda items the firm will collectively implement to educate our team members, maximize our impact, and minimize our footprint. We are committed to be a company who raises the bar on living and working well. Using the latest technology, the firm will continue to be an industry front-runner and transformational player in the workplace.

Our latest in technologies to better serve our clients includes:

OPSINSIGHTS: Is a business intelligence reporting platform that allows us to track and manage our files. Ops designs, writes, and deploys each custom report we make so we can spend valuable time focusing on the McDonnell brand and business. This will also be the portal we invite our partners to share so they can track their files in real time.

PAVASO: Texas-based Pavaso is transforming the mortgage process with radically innovative digital mortgage closing technology facilitating fast, consistent, accurate and compliant closings every time. Pavaso offers a single, collaborative, secure portal promoting transparency, efficiency, consumer education and communication in a seamless format delivering value to every stakeholder involved in the transaction.

INX: Inx uses innovative technology and a patented digital pen to enable the capture of both electronic and wet-ink signatures for every document in your closing package. With Inx, not only do you have a complete digital closing package that can immediately be published and accessed by lenders, buyers and sellers with the appropriate permissions, you also have wet-ink signatures on each and every document that can be used for any post-closing need that requires an original signature. And Inx consistently offers this same flexibility whether you are handling the closing in your office or remotely.

To McDonnell, going green means going the extra mile. It means growth. It means innovation. It means making an impact. What does going green mean to YOU?

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